7-Dec-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Want VHS tapes for son. He does not like DVDs, only VHS tapes. He really likes pre-recorded tapes, even if they are old family videos. Likes regular movies too. Thanks!
30-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: receiving blankets or any kind of baby girl blankets.Thank you & happy holidays.**Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
29-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
My teenage daughter is 35 weeks pregnant,......wanting a car seat for my granddaughter who will be here soon. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
27-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
want approx. 30 to 50 empty pills bottles with lids....will take what you no longer need/want...Thank you.
27-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: an aquarium/terrarium for a bearded dragon I HOPE to get my daughter for christmas. Need 40 gallon size or above. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
23-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
I'll come pick up your packing peanuts, pillow packs, and bubble wrap that comes in your packages.
15-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: DVD player in time for grandkids holiday visit.thxs..**Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
14-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: new born girl clothes, bed, car seat ....anything will help. Thank you. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
8-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for plastic totes or moving boxes for a friend who is moving
5-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Needed for electronics project to melt case. No trays, etc needed. Southside pickup preferred.. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
5-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Ninja Professional 1500 Watt Model:BL773CO replacement parts. Need 72oz pitcher LID and the 64oz food processor LID. Only need lids.
5-Nov-2018Jacksonville, FL+11 milesItems Wanted
Seeking fusible fleece and fabric for a project. Tan or light green solid fabric.. Southside pick up preferred ** Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**