We are having our big wedding ceremony in couple of weeks and we are in urgent need of an excellent photographer who will cover all the event,send us an email and we will reply in 48hrs
Why work for GuideWell Connect? GuideWell Connect is a marketing services company focused on driving results for clients. With growth and revenue on the rise, we take pride in our employees and are looking for talented individuals to join our team in our marketing division. The success of GuideWell Connect is built on a strong work ethic, work culture and the passion and commitment from our tal...
University of North FloridaJacksonville, FL Job Summary/Responsibilities: Provides training and support to designers, developers, and faculty that support/create/edit content for academic programs/courses. Completes accessibility compliance testing and regularly reports results to campus stakeholders. Provides support and guidance to instructors in the remediation of documents for courses in th...
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